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“how do I make a Go Bag?” or “where can I buy a Go Bag kit?” or just looking for a Go Bag content list…or even wondering why you should get a Go Bag at all! You’ve come to the right place.


go bag kit

Go Bag Kit

Go Bag List

Remember – if it’s not in the bag,

it’s not coming with you when disaster strikes.

Go Bag Info is a curator of the best survival preparedness equipment for the average Joe or Jane, surveying the vast selection of gear available on to create three distinct “sizes” of preparedness: TimeOutDisaster and Collapse. We’ve taken the time to research, purchase and test it all so that all you have to do is pick the size, color and overall cost of your bag and within a week have it all shipped to your doorstep, ready to go.

Why Our Bags Are The Best:

We’ve curated several sizes and types of Go Bags that, simply put, are packed with the best gear for the best price. We do not stock any of these items ourselves – we merely curate Amazon products and take a small commission, which doesn’t affect the price of the item to you. The reason we don’t stock items is so that we can constantly have the best, newest and most affordable gear available, without having to worry about an inventory of last year’s machetes or food rations that are four months from expiring. We have loyalty only to you, to the quality of our bags and the ideal of being prepared for the worst. Pre-made Go Bag kits from survival sites will sell you an inexpensive Go Bag for sure – one that is full of cheap gear that may or may not work well in jam. When the SHTF, you don’t want a sub-par knife, you want the best knife for the money and you’ll be happy to spend a few extra bucks for it.

Why Should You Get a Go Bag? 

We’ve compiled a handy list of the Top Ten Reasons to Own a Go Bag right here. We also have curated the news into a feed that more or less explains where things are headed – and fast – and why owning a Go Bag is getting to be a better idea every day.

Where Should You Go Next? 

Please look around the Learn section to find out more about why you need a Go Bag, how to use one and links to some books and other sites that are useful. When you’re ready, check out the Get a Bag section to see what size of bag is right for you. You can add the entire bag to your shopping cart on Amazon with a single click, and then remove / add items before checking out on

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