With Russian and NATO forces poised on either side of the conflict in the Ukraine, the global economy in freefall to recession / depression, a tidal wave of immigrants crushing Europe, and saber rattling between the United States and Russia suddenly taking nuclear proportions, the only ingredient missing from our tried and true recipe for World War 3 was a powder keg to kick it all off. A place that puts the military forces of all of the actors (and their respective allies) inexplicably in active conflict , but without the cumbersome pretense of global war and all of the media / legal / geopolitical headaches a formal declaration of war would entail.

Welcome to sunny Syria! “You’ll come for the civil war, you’ll stay for World War 3.”

The U.S. has been performing “tactical” strikes and supporting “moderate” Syrian “rebels” (terrorist groups? freedom fighters? who knows, give ’em the guns!) since 2014. That support has been widely criticized as disorganized, ineffective and ultimately augmenting the global terrorist superstars of ISIL, who make Al-Qaeda look like your parents terrorist group.

Russia backs Syrian president Assad, and is now showing that support by putting troops on the ground and launching strikes of their own – against the very same “moderate” Syrian “rebels” that we have been supporting.

Considering the U.S. also may have special operations forces, military advisors and other assets on the ground in Syria, this situation couldn’t possibly get more powder keggy … unless:

China sends their troops and warships into the region.

France launches their own airstrikes.

And Israel prepares to invade (maybe?) with ground forces.


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