While preparing our Threat Assessment: Police Brutality the Guardian did us and the general public a huge favor by creating “The Counted” – an interactive infographic page devoted to detailing the hidden statistics around nationwide police brutality. Seeing as there is (astonishingly) no federal database to track this information, this effort will be crowdsourced and Guardian editor verified.

At a glance, the takeaway is clear – US police officers are on track to kill a lot of people this year! More than 9/11 and likely more civilians in a decade than the number of soldiers killed in the Iraq War. Does it qualify yet as a civil war? Only when widespread public opinion decides that the pistol packing police no longer “protect and serve” their interests, but those of a ruling, corporate elite.

For a more nuanced approach to the same topic, take a look at “Officer Involved” – which uses Google Maps and Google Street View to provide a glimpse at the locations where American citizens were executed by police officers. The images are eerily almost always devoid of any people, creating a “ghost’s view” of the world.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 10.58.49 AM


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