At this point two things should be obvious. The first is that Fukushima is a slow motion parable for what could happen at any of the 437 nuclear power plants operating worldwide. The second is that the term Fukushima should, from now on, refer to a situation that cannot get any worse, getting much worse.

The Telegraph reports on the latest from the “contained” situation at Fukushima:

Leaking containers at Japan’s embattled Fukushima nuclear power plant are at risk of possible hydrogen explosions, experts have claimed.

Almost 10 per cent of recently inspected containers holding contaminated water at the nuclear plant in northeast Japan were found to be leaking radioactive water.

The leakages, discovered during inspections by Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), the operators of the plant, were thought to be caused by a build-up of hydrogen and other gases due to radiation contamination.

So what’s the worst that could happen?

“If the concentration level is high, a spark caused by static electricity could cause a container to explode,” one NRA official told the Asahi Shimbun.

Ok then! Guess we can add this to the long list of shitty things that happen when nuclear power plants don’t go quite as planned. Check out our full threat assessment on the issue for more detail on how it might impact you (in the US at least).

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