In order to survive a disaster, whether in the wild or in the shattered ruins of human civilization, you will need to cover your basic survival essentials: shelter, warmth, water, first aid and security.

As part of our Survival Tips series, here are all the ways to start a fire, with instructional videos. But seriously, much easier than all of this is to simply equip your Go Bag with some lighters!

Fire basics: if you’ve seriously never built a fire before, or several fires for that matter, it is worth practicing a few times. Even if you don’t end up using the skill in a pinch, it is one of those “essentially human” things that everyone kinda should know how to do. This Wikihow article has a nice step by step, and covers a number of different popular layouts, such as the Tepee, the Lean-to, the Log Cabin and more.

Improvised ways to start a fire: the fire basics assumes a source for starting the fire, such as matches or a lighter. In some rare but plausible circumstances, you will not have that luxury. Learn up below on some next level MacGuyver techniques to start a fire with:

and finally – the old trusty, really hard to pull off “rubbing two sticks together” method. If you’ve ever tried this method you know that it takes time, patience, the right conditions and a little luck. And again -you also know that packing some lighters in your Go Bag is a whole lot easier!

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